Commercial Joinery Finishing

Professional furniture spraying services
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Trade & Commercial Joinery Finishing Service

At Absolute Furniture Spraying, we are committed to offering a comprehensive joinery finishing service to trade and commercial customers. From bespoke joinery projects to commercial furniture and cabinets, we put the finishing touch with attention to detail and take pride in our work.

We specialise in high-quality spray finishing to all interior and exterior joinery work. Our services include colour matching, grain filling, lacquering, staining, tinting, liming and more.

Professional Spray Finishing

Experience matters, and with a highly skilled team of professionals with decades of experience, coupled with our state of the art facility, the quality of our work is top-notch. From our location in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, we offer a local collection and delivery service that includes professional packaging and labelling. You can expect our team to keep you informed on the specific work involved in your project and turnaround times for completion.

Full Range of Finishes

We cater to the joinery finishing needs of trade and commercial clients and offer a wide range of finishing options. You can choose from our professional spraying service with sheen levels ranging from 5% matte to 100% full gloss, or opt for a specialist finish. Our specialist finishes include liquid metal, clear pigment and metallic finishes.

Fire Rated Spray Finish

We also offer fire rated lacquering, which has passed the highest British Standard safety tests for flame spread and propagation. Our Fire Retardant Lacquers are Class 0/Class 1/ Euro Class B.

Commercial Joinery Finishing

Professional Spraying

Our services include:


Staining / Tinting / Liming

Staining, tinting and liming are some of the methods we use to colour and protect surfaces, such as solid wood, whilst enhancing its natural texture and appearance.


Paint Finishing and Colour Matching

By using our professional paint finishing and colour matching service, you can be sure you’re getting industry-leading paint finishes and a seamless match throughout all your joinery finishing projects.


Grain Filling

Grain filling achieves a smooth textured wood finish by filling pores in the wood grain.


Exterior Finishing

Let our expert team of sprayers create a professional, brush-mark-free finish to all your exterior joinery projects, including solid wood window and door frames.


Priming is vital to any professional spray painting project to create more adhesion for the paint and also to add a layer of protection to the material being painted. We have a specialist priming area set up to allow a fast turnaround.


Flooring Lacquers

Our skilfully applied, high-quality flooring lacquer comes in a variety of colours and creates a finish that can be polished to any level of sheen, whether in gloss or matt.

Trade and Commercial Furniture Spraying Specialists

We put the finishing touch on joinery projects and spray many different surfaces; these include MDF, Ply, solid wood and a wide range of veneers. Our clients include joinery companies and contractors, construction companies, carpenters, door manufacturers, fit-out companies and fitted furniture specialists, interior designers, architects and the like.

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Commercial Joinery Finishing

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