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Trade & Commercial Spray Painting Service

Whether it’s for a bespoke joinery project, the painting and finishing of cabinets or other items of commercial furniture, our commercial spray painting service at Absolute Furniture Spraying in Hertfordshire, is the service for you. With an onsite spraying facility, and services including colour matching, lacquering, tinting, liming, and grain filling, we have all the resources necessary to ensure a superior finish across all your commercial spray painting projects.

Industrial Spray Painters

All our industrial spray painters at Absolute Furniture Spraying have decades of experience in the commercial spray painting industry and know exactly how to achieve the result you or your client is looking for. Plus, with our onsite spraying facility and priming area, we’re able to pay special attention to every detail of your industrial spray painting project, ensuring an immaculate finish and a realistic turnaround time for completion.

Commercial Spray Painting

Professional Spraying

Our services include:


Staining / Tinting / Liming

These are painting methods designed to add colour and bring out the natural beauty of wood, whilst also adding a protective layer to help shield the surface from damage.


Paint Finishing and Colour Matching

Our paint finishing and colour matching service are designed to help you achieve a seamless match across your commercial spray painting projects, including an industry-leading finish.


Grain Filling

Grain filling is a method of filling the pores and grain of the wood, to achieve a stunningly smooth and professional finish throughout your commercial spray painting project.


Exterior Finishing

Whether it’s for window or door frames, or any other exterior joinery project, our high-quality exterior finishing service will ensure a professional, brush-mark-free finish.


An essential stage of any commercial spray painting project; priming protects surfaces, including wood and veneer, before painting, and provides improved adhesion for the paint.


Flooring Lacquers

Our flooring lacquers provide an ultra-hardwearing covering to a range of floor types in a variety of vibrant colours, which can be polished to any level of gloss, or matt sheen.

Unbeatable Customer Service

As well as providing a high-quality commercial spray painting service to joinery companies, architects and carpenters etc., we put huge effort into ensuring you receive the high level of customer service you expect, which includes:

  • Keeping you informed – We know how important deadlines are in business. That’s why we’ll keep you informed of the progress of every stage of your commercial spray painting project, including the expected turnaround times for completion.

  • Professional Packaging and Labelling – To protect your newly painted items during delivery, we offer a professional packaging service, which also includes labelling, to help make reassembly quicker and easier.

  • Delivery and Collection – No need to hire a van or truck, simply make use of our fully insured, collection and delivery service to the local area, including all of Hertfordshire, and many of the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us if you require collection and delivery outside our local area.

A Choice Of Specialist Finishes

To ensure your commercial paint spraying project meets your or your client's brief, as a leading commercial painting service we provide a range of specialist finishes to choose from, including liquid metal, clear pigment and metallic.

And, to help you achieve exactly the right level of sheen, with Absolute Furniture Spraying’s commercial spray painting service, you’re able to choose from sheen levels ranging from 5% matte to 100% full gloss.

Fire Rated Lacquering

If you’re looking for a fire-rated spray finish, we provide a fire-rated lacquering service, where our spray painting specialists add a lacquer which meets the highest British Standards safety tests (BS Class 0 or Class 1 (Euro class B), whilst also retaining the aesthetic quality of your chosen finish.

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Commercial Spray Painting

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