Furniture Spraying St Albans

Professional furniture spraying services in St Albans
and the surrounding areas

Furniture Spraying Service St Albans

Are you looking for a professional furniture spraying service near St. Albans? Absolute Furniture Spraying provides professional spaying services to commercial and trade customers in and around St. Albans at competitive prices. Our services include staining, tinting and liming to protect surfaces, grain filling, floor lacquering, colour matching and many more.

Collection and Delivery Service

Whether your project is big or small, we offer collection and delivery to all our local customers to help protect your newly finished project throughout the St Albans area and further afield.

Furniture Spraying Specialists

Our team at Absolute Furniture Spraying are experts in the field and work meticulously to ensure all projects are completed to a high standard. Our state of the art facility coupled with our highly skilled furniture spraying specialists is the perfect combination for a quality finish.

We provide the choice for a range of finishing options, with sheens ranging anywhere from 5% matt to 100% gloss on a variety of surfaces including solid wood, MDF, Ply and various veneers. We also provide specialists finishes which include liquid metal, clear, pigment and metallic to meet your specific requirements.

Furniture Spraying St Albans

Professional Spraying

Our services include:


Staining / Tinting / Liming

Staining, tinting and liming are some of the methods we use to colour and protect surfaces, such as solid wood, whilst enhancing its natural texture and appearance.


Paint Finishing and Colour Matching

By using our professional paint finishing and colour matching service, you can be sure you’re getting industry-leading paint finishes and a seamless match throughout all your joinery finishing projects.


Grain Filling

Grain filling achieves a smooth textured wood finish by filling pores in the wood grain.


Exterior Finishing

Let our expert team of sprayers create a professional, brush-mark-free finish to all your exterior joinery projects, including solid wood window and door frames.


Priming is vital to any professional spray painting project to create more adhesion for the paint and also to add a layer of protection to the material being painted. We have a specialist priming area set up to allow a fast turnaround.


Flooring Lacquers

Our skillfully applied, high-quality flooring lacquer comes in a variety of colours and creates a finish that can be polished to any level of sheen, whether in gloss or matt.

Furniture Spray Finishing

We offer professional spraying services with colour-match and a seamless match throughout joinery projects. Whether your project is an interior or exterior one, our team of experts will create a professional, brush-mark free finish.

Our advanced in-house spraying facility is designed to be dust-free whilst controlling the humidity and temperature to allow for a much more even texture and finish. We have a specialist area dedicated just for priming as it is a key step to add a layer of protection and to create more adhesion for paint. We also offer a grain filling service to achieve a smooth textured finish on your wood projects.

Furniture Spraying St Albans

Competitively Priced Furniture Spraying

At Absolute Furniture Spraying, we aim to complete your project within the fastest time possible without compromising on quality. Our team has a wealth of experience and can complete projects for a number of areas of your home and business including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and more.

Whether you are a trade or commercial customer we treat your project with priority and professionalism, and we’ve set competitive prices as we understand that budgets can be tight.

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We will be happy to help you with your next project in the St Albans area. Contact us to discuss your requirements and available options.

Furniture Spraying St Albans

Why Absolute Furniture Spraying?

Reasons to choose us

Fast Turnaround

Our team of experts will work tirelessly to ensure the fastest turnaround possible (without compromising quality), and to help ensure you keep to your deadlines regardless of the type or size of your joinery finishing project.

Delivery and Collection Service

To keep stress to a minimum, at Absolute Furniture Spraying we offer a local collection and delivery service in and around the Hemel Hempstead area. The service also includes a professional packaging and labelling service to ensure easy reassembly upon completion and delivery of your joinery finishing project.

Competitive Prices

Our prices have been designed to be competitive within the joinery finishing industry and to fairly represent the high quality of the workmanship involved, including our stringent quality checks throughout the spraying process, and our precise attention to detail.

State-of-the-art Facility

To achieve a stunning, dust and defect-free finish across your entire joinery finishing project, we use our own state-of-the-art, environmentally-controlled facility. This inhouse facility allows us total control over all aspects of the joinery finishing process from the beginning of the project through to completion.

Open Communication

Our aim at Absolute Furniture Spraying is to keep you fully informed of the exact work involved in your joinery finishing project, the time it’ll take to get it done and the total, overall price. This open communication at any stage of the job, gives you peace of mind and helps us maintain the high standard of finish you expect and require.

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