Professional Spray Painting

Commercial and professional spray painting services
with a range of finishing options to choose from

Professional Spray Painting Services

Looking for a commercial spray painter working throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, London and further afield? Then contact Absolute Furniture Spraying, one of the UK's leading professional spray painting specialists.

Based in Hemel Hempstead, at Absolute Furniture Spraying, our skilled furniture paint sprayers provide a whole range of professional spray painting services, for interior and exterior joinery, at highly competitive prices.

Professional Spray Painting

An in-house spraying facility

At Absolute Furniture Spraying, we’re one of the few professional furniture paint sprayers that work from our own state-of-the-art, environmentally-controlled, in-house spraying facility, allowing us to:

  • Meticulously control each project, without the need to rely on external spraying or drying facilities
  • Provide a fast turnaround, without compromising on quality
  • Implement stringent quality checks, before completing each professional spray painting project

A fully-trained furniture spraying team

Each of our professional furniture paint sprayers is fully trained to a high-level, and experienced in spray painting a wide variety of materials and surfaces, including various veneers, MDF, Plywood and solid wood. And, no matter what sheen you’re looking for, from 5% matt to 100% gloss, or a specialist finish, including liquid metal, clear, pigment, or a range of stunning metallic finishes, our joinery finishing experts will make sure it’s achieved.

Professional Spraying

Our Professional Spray Painting Services Include:


Staining / Tinting / Liming

To help ensure all your solid wood surfaces are beautifully coloured and protected, we use a combination of staining, tinting and liming – methods designed to also bring out the materials' natural beauty and texture.


Paint Finishing and Colour Matching

To ensure you achieve a flawless, industry-leading colour match across all your joinery finishing projects, don’t forget to ask about our professional paint finishing and colour matching service.


Grain Filling

Our professional spray painting services also include high-quality grain filling, where our professional furniture paint sprayers work a unique filler material into the grain of solid wood, to create a mirror-like finish.


Exterior Finishing

Achieve a stunning, brush-mark-free finish to all your exterior joinery projects, including solid wood window frames and solid wood door frames, with our professional, exterior finishing service.


Using our specialist onsite priming area, our professional spray painting team will prime all the items in your furniture spraying project, creating the perfect adhesion for spraying, and adding a vital layer of protection to the material.


Flooring Lacquers

Available in a wide range of colours, our high-quality and skilfully applied floor lacquers look stunning and provide a professional finish that can be polished to any gloss or matt sheen level.

Why choose us as your commercial paint sprayer?

  • We provide a fast turnaround: Due to the skill and experience of our team of professional spray painting experts, and our dedicated onsite spray facility, we provide some of the quickest turnaround times in the business, no matter what the size of your project.

  • We provide a collection and delivery service: To ensure you receive your finished spray painting project on time and in perfect condition, we provide professional delivery and collection (including packaging and labelling) services to our customers.

  • We provide open and honest communication: At Absolute Furniture Spraying, we keep communication open and honest at every step of your professional spray painting project, including letting you know exactly what’s involved, and a realistic estimate of the time it will take.

  • Our prices are competitive: To help you stick to your budget, we keep our prices for all your professional spray painting projects competitive, taking into consideration the high quality of workmanship involved, our quality checks, and our meticulous attention to detail.

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If you’re looking for a highly professional, commercial spray painter for your next spray painting project, contact a member of the team today. We will be happy to send you samples of what can be achieved.

Professional Spray Painting

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